Glimpses of the Farmers’ Tractor Parade at Ghazipur in Delhi

Face Off: Police in readiness to thward farmers' ingress into Delhi. Photo by Vivian Fernandes. 26 Jan, 2021

Farmers broke through the police barricades at Delhi’s Ghazipur border with Delhi, deviating from the route they had agreed to follow. It’s difficult to control a throng of farmers, especially one that was as charged as this one. Hundreds of them had lined up on the service road next to the expressway which the police had blocked. Most of them took a U-turn at the crossing and returned to UP. But others proceeded further into Delhi. They said they were protesting to get the “black” laws withdrawn. Here are some vignettes:

Pantry car: Farmers came prepared with vessels to prepare food.

Jai Bhim: A rare group of protestors invoking Babasaheb Ambedkar, the Dalit icon.

The retreat: Farmers returning to UP at the Delhi border, their forward movement blocked by police.

The Long March: Farmers on hundreds of tractors drive into Delhi.

Corporate Squeeze: Farmers fear predatory companies.

Bonding: Farmers packed in a trolley.

A group from Aligarh. All photos on this page by Vivian Fernandes




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